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Jobsplus advertises a number of vacancies within the sales category that are updated daily.  From junior to senior roles in a variety of sectors amongst which retail and igaming. You can access all the vacancies here

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Job Category Sales & Brokerage
Job Reference AV-11937

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Agility & Innovation

We support firms operating across a wide range of industries with our high-quality recruitment platform, Avanzpro. We believe in the product we created.


Market conditions shift rapidly. When the opportunity arises, investment and speed to market is key. Companies seeking to invest in human resources may swiftly complete the one-time registration of their corporate profile and proceed to list their vacancies on Avanzpro. According to their preferences, candidates will be promptly notified about the vacancy and once logged-in to Avanzpro, may instantly apply for the position.


Both in design and function, our product is innovative. Avanzpro operates a credit-system which allows employers to benefit from preferential rates by buying batches of units (credits). The credits may be utilised at any time to list vacancies as well as to make use of other services which will be offered from time to time on the platform. Many other novel features have been incorporated into the product’s workflows & user experience.